Cyber Claims

We provide and perform cyber assessments throughout Northland, New Zealand. Get in touch with us today for honest, practical and expert advice 

We can help to identify, estimate, and prioritise the various risks faced by organisations when it comes to cyber attacks, data breaches, and malicious digital behaviour. Knowing the risks can help prevent — or recover from — a cyber security incident.

We specialise in providing:

Comprehensive Risk Assessments:

This will provide a high-level analysis of an organisation's risk level based on technology, processes and people to facilitate the identification and classification of cyber risk for insurance.

Insurance Appraisal report:

This provides an accurate estimate of the amount of insurance required based on exactly how it appears on the day the report was prepared.

Strategic Prevention Planning:

Having a well-defined cyber strategic prevention plan that can be implemented in case of a cyber attack can stop an attack before it takes place. Prevention is better than a cure.

Post-loss Assessment:

We can help to assess damage after a cyber attack has been activated for insurance claims.